World's Most Beautiful Recipes Vol1

Work with high end, fresh, organic and sustainably raised ingredients to create simple, flavorful dishes that speak for themselves. In our first book, we start with fresh, wild mushrooms, which create the flavors all on their own, and a spicy duck quesadilla made by renowned chef Dean Fearing. You’ll learn how to spice it up with easy to make appetizers such as mussels in an incredibly easy to make Golden Saffron sauce, simple, yet sensational paellas, and a foie gras recipe by renowned chef Gary Danko. Savory rubs will spice up your beef, while fried chicken gets a makeover with a Wild Mushroom and Sherry sauce by James Ormsby. You’ll become a better cook just for giving the recipes a try, as you combine sauces and stocks you’ve never worked with before. Over 17 beautiful, chef tested and inspired recipes for you to try in this first edition.